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321 Shine was established to bring industry professionals together with a common goal of discovering future talent. We strive to provide guidance and proper marketing to steer young actors and models in the directions of stardom. We are looking fora combination of a professional attitude and proper appearance, accompanied by talent and personality.

We will improve on these traits through professional and celebrity consultation, marketing materials and interviewing techniques to ensure a higher level of confidence and industry success.

321 Shine has well-established relationships with qualified, experienced agents and managers to provide you with the necessary exposure to further your career.



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Andrew gray "troy"

The Red Power Ranger on Nickelodeon

"I enjoy inspiring and motivating the talent brought in by 321 Shine at the celebrity 'Meet and Greet' and Improv training"

Christian Saleba.jpg

Naomi Saleba

Parent of Christian Saleba

"My son is having a blast and
loving every minute of it."

Daniel Benson.jpg

Daniel Benson "Zeke"

From Disney's Wizards of Waverly Place

"I love working with the amazing talent
chosen by 321 Shine!"


Theresa Tritt

Parent of Tyler Reese

"After working with the professionals at 321 Shine and the skills that they provided her, my daughter was able to land a role on a TV show! She is so excited!"

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Our goal is to find qualified talent, provide them with the acting and marketing skills required to make it in the entertainment business, in addition to the necessary connections needed to be successful. We do not only lead you to auditions, but connect you to agents and managers to provide you with the proper guidance to further your career. We will deliver the know-how to make it in this business and help you understand where you fit in in the industry based on your typecast and skill sets.


We will guide you through the process of compiling a successful marketing package of your professional photos, résumé, cover letter and demo reel. This will be marketed to our list of over 100 agents that we have professional working relationships with and have successfully placed talent. Once there is interest for representation, we will provide direction through contracts and any deals that come of the marketing.


Experienced talent from Disney and Nickelodeon shows will introduce everyone into the industry on their first day. Each guest celebrity will provide new talent with tips and guidance to further their career. Those selected by 321 Shine will get to ask our guest celebrities questions and work alongside actors from their favorite TV shows and movies. In addition, we provide experienced, knowledgeable coaches with years of success in preparing talent  to make it in this industry.


Our photographers have years of experience in taking the perfect headshots and composite cards for all acting, singing, dancing and modeling needs. The more professional the photos look the bigger chance you have of getting auditions and landing jobs.

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Why is 321 Shine so important?

If you do not have agency connections and the know-how to properly market yourself, it does not matter how talented you are in this business. The most prosperous and effective people in this industry have a complete understanding of how to market themselves and the connections to be successful. They call it show "business" because it is in fact a business. Our professionals will provide you with the understanding of how to be a successful business person in this industry. In short, you are taught where to go, what to do and how to do it.

Why do Industry Professionals use 321 Shine?

Industry professionals who know first hand how to be successful in this business prepare our clients for stardom. We work with our talent to ensure that they are audition ready, camera ready, have a full understanding of their specific typecast and have a complete marketing package ready to go.

Do you accept everyone?

Show business is the most competitive industry in the world. We do not accept everyone into our program. The industry professionals we deal with trust that we are selecting those that we believe not only have the talent to be successful, but the work ethic to thrive in this industry. We hold auditions in order to be accepted into our programs so we can assure our professionals that we are providing the best all-around talent as possible.